For Your Eyes Only : The Internet Password Organizer Disguised as a Novel

Glen Kilby

THIS IS NOT A MYSTERY NOVEL. For Your Eyes Only is an Internet Password Organizer with a cover that makes it look like a typical book. Anybody who sees the book will be clueless about its contents, having no idea that it contains your valuable Internet account and password information. For Your Eyes Only is a simple (but extremely useful) pocket-sized password organizer that will eliminate lost password frustrations. Now you can organize all your logins, passwords, hints, security questions in one convenient place. Never again lose track of the vital access information that you create every time you visit a new web site! This handy (just 5 x 8), time-saving, headache-preventing little book will help you organize important internet and network information and keep handy and easily accessible when you need it ... and ... YOU CAN HIDE IT IN PLAIN SIGHT! Reduce frustration and make your life easier with a single centralized location in which to store all your online account login information, grab a copy a copy for yourself and consider getting a few copies of For Your Eyes Only for family and friends ... this is a gift that will be greatly appreciated!