Prior Experiences and ESOL Preservice Teachers` Cognition and Growth

Eudes Aoulou

Little is known about how English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) preservice teachers prior experiences/beliefs shape their learning process in teacher preparation programs although research on preservice teachers antecedents has offered insights into our understanding of how they learn to become teachers (Johnson, 1992, 1994). This monograph was written to contribute to such knowledge. After conducting a naturalistic study, the author found that ESOL teacher candidates background and prior experiences affect their learning and growth in important areas of their preparation. This book can help (ESOL) teacher educators or other teacher trainers understand the kinds of experiences they need to build on or create to help teacher candidates learn and grow. Also, it can help educational researchers who are interested in investigating teacher cognition and growth. More important, this book can help (ESOL) preservice teachers develop professional awareness by understanding the indirect or unconscious experiences that may shape their learning in teacher preparation programs. As these teachers develop such awareness, they may grow into more reflective and effective professionals.